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"Manly" advice often arrives with a set of imperatives: "do this", "say that", "wear this", "project that".

At Manly Man Scents, we don't bother with this misleading advice. Being Manly isn't following the norm, rather we feel a man is at his best when he strikes out on his own - brewing his own notion of manliness.

Being Manly is simple ownership of your tastes and decisions. A man knows what he likes and is proud to express it.

Manly Man Scents believes Smelling Manly is no different.

When we set out to create our first line of scents, we looked to the thing we love: Craft Brewing. The Craft Brew Series, our first line of solid colognes, is inspired by the three ingredients that make our favorite beers great: Snow melted clear water, rich hops, and fresh hops.

Beer has a beautiful simplicity. A few natural ingredients can make an endless set of possibilities in flavor, texture, and smoothness - just like all manly examples of all the men express their appreciation for beer.

If you love beer like we do, and want a smell that defines you, then our Craft Beer Series has the scents to help you smell your "manly-est."

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